The performance is a research-based experimental re-reading of 1920s futurist poetry (Kara Darvish, Azat Vshtuni, Gevorg Abov) intervened by Lilith Petrosyan’s poetry and by Hasmik Tangyan’s future forwarded movement’s geography.

Futurist poetry is the future voice of the past, which is coming to declare artist’s presence through parking creative labour, through a human-based moving laboratory’s experiments and female body’s public emancipation by doing art.

Huzanq u Zang questions the public perceptions of female behaviour, way of talking and moving in public.
Hasmik Tangyan celebrates the presence through choreography,
Lilith Petrosyan transcribes in the frequencies of rhythm,
CoChoLab students experiment the space,
Albert Grigorian paints through the compositional conversation between architecture and costumes,
Kay Khachatrian joins through the rhythm of electronic language, Satenik Hovsepyan documents through the eye of photographic camera,
Nvard Yerkanian reflects and redefines 1920s’ approaches of typographic posters.

The performance is conceptualised in collaboration with a German performance artist-in-residence in Yerevan Linda Nadji.
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